June/July 2020

Home Performance Videos 

With all this down time I've been making some home performance videos of cover songs from the repertoire and posting them here as I go.  Something I never would have thought to do prior to the disease, so this has been my lemonade during these times.

Two of my favorite Willie Nelson songs (of many) done back to back. “Preacher” is from his masterpiece concept album; “Red Headed Stranger” from 1975.

After further research, contrary to what I say in the video about “I Never Cared”, it was first released as a single on the Monument label in 1964, then on; “The Winning Hand”, a multi-artist compilation double album of Monument artists (Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Brenda Lee) released in 1982, that later inspired a TV special hosted by Johnny Cash, who wrote the liner notes and suggested the TV special. Next, it was released on Willie's 1985 album; “Me and Paul”, then on 1989’s “A Horse Called Music”, and finally (so far!) on the Daniel Lanois produced “Teatro”, from 1998. A lot of folks still don’t know it very well but it sure wasn’t due to Willie’s lack of getting it out there! I heard the song for the first time when he performed it solo on the Austin City Limits Songwriters Special with Willie, Lyle Lovett and Rodney Crowell from 1994 - it slayed me, pure poetry.


May 2020

“No Expectations” is off of the Rolling Stones’ 1968 album “Begggar’s Banquet” the first of a four album run that were the greatest they ever made. Brian Jones plays acoustic slide on the recording and it’s his last meaningful contribution to a Stones album before he was kicked out of the band and then checked out for good. I try and combine some Keef and Brian here on the guitar. Johnny Cash did a great cover of this song and I use some of his altered lyrics from that version here.

The Faces didn’t make it huge here in the USA but they were well pedigreed and made a lot of great sloppy rock and roll. When Steve Marriott left The Small Faces, of “Itchycoo Park” fame, and formed Humble Pie, he recruited Peter Frampton on guitar from The Herd. Ian McLagan, Ronnie Lane and Kenny Jones stayed on and The Small Faces then became The Faces (even though their first album from 1970 “First Step", where this song is from, was credited to "The Small Faces” in the U.S.). To replace Marriott, they brought in Ron Wood and Rod Stewart from the Jeff Beck Group, perhaps you’ve heard of them.

I’ve always wanted to play "Around The Plynth" in a drain.



Here's a wonderful song by the great Ben Vaughn, a true all-around talent writing/performing/collaborating/producing/DJ-ing and more. He's got a bunch of wonderful albums and songs out there and as a theme music composer you can hear his compositions every day on TV on "That 70's Show" and "3rd Rock From The Sun" - amongst many others. It's lovely when a real music man gets to do this kind of work. Here I am covering "Miss Me When I'm Gone" from his 2014 album "Texas Road Trip" where he got to work with some of the veterans of the Sir Douglas Quintet including Augie Meyers.


Yet another relevant song from another era, this, from Led Zeppelin's 1970 release; Led Zeppelin III. A lovely and largely folky acoustic album for LZ, it features mandolins by John Paul Jones and pedal steel by Jimmy, although it does include one of their heaviest songs of all; "Immigrant Song" which launched an incalculable number of Scandinavian Viking metal bands and genres! The vinyl gatefold album is psychedelic indeed, complete with a volvelle, a kaleidoscope-y interior spinning wheel you can physically spin and watch as different images appear through the holes in the front cover - ah! - sweet kudos to the late 60's early 70's esthetics


Latest in my home performance videos!  Here's my take on Cat Steven's beautiful song and  still very valid plea for a better world from Cat's 1971 "Teaser and the Firecat" album.


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