February/March 2020

Here’s the last installment of this little series of solo live videos and archival I’ve been puttin’ out. 

This is the first recording of a brand new song “Don’t Go Lookin’", a little rockin’ blues for ya...

Below that one is a clip of me on an AZ Daily Mix with just the song.



January 2020

Happy New Year!  Here's another "retro" video!

Another blast from the past recorded on four track cassette. This one came together lyrically using mostly album titles - and a few songs - of works that are amongst major influences (a few original thoughts are mixed in as well...) 

Vocals, Guitars, Bass - GR

Drums - Chris Brantley

December 2019

Happy December everyone!  'Tis the season for a little barrage of GR videos over the next couple months.  I shot three "live in the studio" performance videos with  Matt Santos.  The first of which is "Eye of a Thief", see below.  That was the one song on the most recent  album that was just me playing and singing solo; it was the demo I sent to the boys during pre-production and they encouraged me to put it on the album as is, along with the band arrangement songs, I hope they were right!  So instead of making a video to the recorded  solo track, I just cut it again live for the camera.  I'll be following up with a couple more like that, a cover, a newly written song along with a couple songs revived from the archives, stay tuned!

Pulled a bunch of photos out of my “Adventures with Ramblin’ Jack” archive to make an accompanyin’ video to this old song recorded on a 4-track cassette machine. It was a much simpler time…  

Here it is in all it's sloppy, raw and ragged glory!

Vocals: GR and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott                                                                                                                                                    Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bass Drum & Tambourine: GR                                                                                                                  Violin: Jimmy McClelland                                                                                                                                                                Background Vocals: GR and Rich Podgur                             

Live video by Kurt Mahoney. Recorded at the Acoustic Music San Diego Series presented by Carey Driscoll on 11/05/06 opening for Dave Alvin

Photos by: GR, RJE, Jody Foss, Capt. Jim Kinsinger, Red Molly, Trinity Seely amongst others...


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