February/March 2018

Great news, I recently returned from Los Angeles where we had a very successful recording session with Perla Batalla.  If you're not hip to Perla, she's an amazing singer/writer/arranger/producer who has released at least a half a dozen wonderful solo albums both in English and Spanish.  She also used to record and tour with the late, great Leonard Cohen, who resides at the top of the Tower Of Song!  It was Leonard who encouraged and mentored Perla into having  her own career out front.  She is currently touring with a show full of Cohen songs; "Perla Batalla in the House of Cohen".  Please check her out at Needless to say, I was both honored and humbled that she came out to my producer Rick Shea's studio and sang harmony and back-ups on my "No Tengo Palabras" song - and man, did she knock it out of the park!  The best part was she is an extremely cool and generous human being on top of all the talent, Rick and I had a great time hanging out with her.

Speaking of great singers, we also had the good fortune of having the amazing Jamie Lyn Shuey singing on several songs on the album, she really took every song she's on up a notch.  How fortunate I am to have these beautiful songbirds on my record! So we're getting down to the nitty gritty of the last handful of recording sessions before we send it off to engineer and drummer Shawn Norse who will mix the album - first we've got to get our bassist, Dave Hall back in the studio to add his distinctive harmonies.  I know I've been workin' on this thing for 5,000 years now but we are ever so close!  

Below are some phots from the Perla sessions, and on the way back to Arizona,I took a little detour to the north up to Bishop, CA in the high Sierra's to visit the one true love of my life, Melody.  She recently relocated up there from Portuguese Bend - first time I got to visit her up there, she's almost 30 but still a good one!


 January 2018

Hello!  I am in the very last stages of the tracking (recording of additional parts) on this long-awaited album I've been promising. Producer Rick Shea had a window of time in December so we were able to get a lot done after scheduling delays - I'm excited, it's sounding real, real good.  

Meanwhile, I'm honored to be a small part of great 15th anniversary concert for the wonderful "The Folk Sessions" organization run by Tom and Christina Agostino which will take place in Prescott, AZ in February.  Below I am attaching the press release for that event.


Folk Sessions 15th Anniversary Concert  

Saturday, February 10, 2017  

15 Years, 15 Acts!  

Gail Steiger and Amy Hale Auker, Three-Legged Dog, Lon Austin and the Mexican Beaded Lizard Band,  

Jim Pipkin and Cliff Cordes, Alexa MacDonald, Meg Bohrman, Garrick Rawlings, Dennis Garvey, Layne Longfellow, Andy Hurlbut,  

and Tom and Christa Agostino w/ special guests, raffles and prizes galore!  

Prescott Center for the Arts, 7:30pm, $22.00  

Tickets: Call 445-3286  

presented by The Folk Sessions and Prescott Center for the Arts  

“When you turn on The Folk Sessions what you’ll hear is music with its roots in the stuff of real life”  

Join us in celebration of The Folk Sessions, Prescott’s longest running locally produced radio program, broadcasting for 15 years on the KJAZZ Radio Network (now Prescott Public Radio, part of the new Arizona Community Radio Network). On Saturday, February 10 at Prescott Center for the Arts some of the Folk Sessions favorite musical friends come together, including Gail Steiger, Amy Hale Auker, Lon Austin and the Mexican Beaded Lizard Band, Three-Legged Dog, Alexa MacDonald, Jim Pipkin and Cliff Cordes, Meg Bohrman, Dennis Garvey, Layne Longfellow, Andy Hurlbut, Garrick Rawlings, and Tom and Christa Agostino.  

Featuring a line-up of beloved Arizona folk artists, the performers for the Folk Sessions 15th contains musical friends old and new. Included are, Three-Legged Dog, today’s version of the string bands that existed in the Thirties and Forties; Prescott Cowboy/filmmaker Gail Steiger; Arizona’s Woody Guthrie, Lon Austin and the Mexican Beaded Lizard Band; “Sour mash for the Soul,” Jim Pipkin; and the Folk Session’s co-founder/host, Alexa MacDonald. The best part of having been a part of the Arizona folk community is the friends we make.  

Broadcast throughout Central & Northern Arizona for 15 years on KJZA 89.5fm, now Prescott Public Radio, 89.5 AND 90.1fm, a part of the new Arizona Community Radio Network, The Folk Sessions has established a loyal following, producing quality radio programs and live concerts, including successful series at Prescott Center for the Arts, The Elks Theater and The Highlands Center.Founded in 2002 by Alexa MacDonald and Tom Agostino, the show has featured more than 350 musical guests, including Grammy winners Rosanne Cash, Ramblin’ Jack Eliott, Tom Chapin, Carrie Rodriquez, Laurie Lewis and Acoustic Eidolon. The 2013 Bucky Award Winner for Media, Tom Agostino remains the host and when you turn on The Folk Sessions, what you’ll hear is music that originated around campfires and church halls, grange halls and honky-tonks – music with its roots in the stuff of real life. The Folk Sessions is a reminder of what music once was – and to music lovers, still is.

November/December 2017  

Hi Folks, thanks for checking in. I'm still in a holding pattern as I wait for the great Rick Shea to finish up touring on his latest release (scroll down for some previous details on that) - meanwhile I'm workin' on songs for the next one - as soon as I have some juicy news on that I'll report it here first so keep on checkin' back. Last month my great old drumming' friend Alyn "Bubba" Arkesteyn and I met up in Sedona, AZ and we reprised our old Rolling Rock commercial from almost 30 years ago (the hilarious video I posted a couple months ago after finding in the vaults) - hadn't seen Bubba in over 20 years! All on the video page.  Meanwhile, I just got interviewed for another "The Mile High Show" podcast with the great Matt Santos, see below.

Podcast Interview

Here we are at the Raven cafe for the interview for The Mile High Podcast:

Here we are at the Raven cafe for the interview for The Mile High Podcast:

September/October 2017

Hello!  I finished recording what I could do here at the home studio and it's all back in the hands of Mr. Shea who just completed another big concert train trip "West Of The West" with Dave Alvin, Jon Doe, Terry Allen, Peter Case, Christy McWilson and Jimmie Dale Gilmore amongst others.  They went cross country from L.A. to New Orleans to Chicago, to New Mexico and back to California where hopefully he's recuperating in order finish my long awaited album!  Rick is about ready to release his new record "The Town Where I Live" - he's got some new videos up on his site I am putting a link to the great Shawn Nourse who is manning the drums and engineering:  If the Rock and Roll gods are with us we should be done with it by the end of the year - keep checkin' in!!!!  


P.S.  I added another "sneak peek" demo of a work in progress, a song called "Lights Of Marfa" on my "Music" page.  My good friend, the beautiful and talented Candace McNulty was kind enough to lend her vocal talents, that's her singing on there with me.  She sang on a few others that may see the light of day.

P.P.S.  Speaking of Rick Shea he was just honored in the LA Weekly top 10 best country and Americana artists in Los Angeles.  Congratulations Rick!!!  Check it out here:

July/August 2017

Dodging fires, heat and now monsoon season here in Prescott Arizona.  The big news is I was out in California for some recording sessions to compile some songs and get a new album out there.  I am a lucky guy, I have the good fortune of having the great Rick Shea producing and performing on this album.  I met Rick when he took over for Greg Liesz in Dave Alvin's Guilty Men band, he was also in Chris Gaffney's band and has quite an impressive catalog of solo albums himself, and loads of credits as a sideman and a growing list as Producer.   We recorded at another extremely talented guy's studio, Shawn Norse, who is also engineering and playing drums beyond my expectations. Shawn was, and sometimes is the drummer in one of my favorite bands, I See Hawks In L.A., among many others. Dave Hall, from Rick's long running band, The Losin' End, is playing bass for us,  it's a rhythm section to be reckoned with, I am a lucky guy.

After the completion of the LA sessions, the tracks were sent to me out here in Arizona.  We laid down the tracks in LA live, as a band, and now I'm adding some additional instrumental parts to the tracks in my home studio.  Next step is to go back out to LA and put all the finishing touches on it - I can't wait.  We re-imagined some of my older songs, laid down some of my brand new songs and a few from in between that were never recorded before, plus a couple covers.  Below are some snapshots from the sessions. 

Prior to the commencement of the recording sessions, I was cast to appear in some bit parts for a Dutch insurance company commercial (for European broadcast) that was shot all around Southern California, Northern Arizona, and a bit of southern Utah. On this page, down below the studio photos, there are links to video clips from that project.

Some new music!!! I loaded up a couple of demo recordings I made that are now songs I'm working on with Rick for the album. They're on the "Music" page of this site, there you can listen to a "sneak preview" of these songs.

For more information on Rick Shea:


Video Links

Here I am out in Page, Arizona, home of the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River and Lake Powell. They're shooting a scene for the commercial and this clip is shooting that!  It was a very chilly and windy yet lovely high desert, crystal clear evening as I serenaded the Dutch actress with Dave Alvin's "King Of California".

This is the director's cut of the project.  Niels van den Top directed and Yannick de Jager, the cameraman.  The male actor is of the finest kind, a chap named Chris Zegers. We liked each other's shirts, good guy that Chris, I got black suede for black "T"!

This is a "making of" video they put together of the project.  Cool to get glimpses of how things are done, and of us goofing off and sometimes working.

Podcast Interview

Garrickrawlings 5

Here's a podcast interview I did with Matt Santos (& Les Lyman) for his ”The Mile High Show” podcast. (Episode #115)

We had a blast and Gabby’s Grill didn’t even throw us out!