"Eye of a Thief" - "Live" in the studio

Shot by Matt Santos

"I Don't Care What You Say" - Lisa Daly Still Shoot Video:


"I Want To Run Away" on the AZ Daily Mix television show:

A shortened solo version of the first song on the new album - I had to trim it down to less than three minutes!   It was a challenge getting the performing juices going at 9 AM but I got it done!  The lovely host is Sandy Moss.




Clip from a commercial shoot:

Pardon the crappy wind blown phone audio - it is a phone clip of the actual video shoot - a European insurance commercial (Zwitserleven) for the Dutch market.  Here we are in Page, Arizona where I'm serenading the lovely, Emmy award winning Dutch actress Maryam Hassouni with Dave Alvin's "King Of California".  Only a fraction of me made it to the final cut of the commercial which you can see if you scroll down to the very bottom of all these other videos along with a nice "making of" of this fun California, Arizona and Utah location shoot - there's a little more of me in that.

On translucent blue vinyl no less...

On translucent blue vinyl no less...

One from the ancient archives!

30 years later, the reunion...