1. Soul Fly

From the recordings Million Miles and Soul Fly

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A little love song to music and heroes using mostly cool old album titles as lyrics. This is another one where I had been playing around with the riff, and one day I spontaneously sang out the first verse. I would sing that just to amuse myself and eventually more titles came to me, then I started diggin’ the whole idea.

GR - Vocal, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Bass
Chris Brantley - Drums

Soul Fly – lyric key
In order of appearance

Desolation Boulevard – Sweet
Live At Budokan – Cheap Trick (amongst many others)
Eat A Peach – Allman Brothers
Brothers And Sisters – Allman Brothers

King of California – Dave Alvin
Road To Bayamon – Tom Russell Band
Young Brigham – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Up On The Lowdown – Chris Smither
Sun Sessions–Elvis Presly/Johnny Cash/Carl Perkins/Roy Orbison/Ike Turner/Charlie Rich/Sonny Burgess/
Billy Riley… and all the rest of ‘em!
Shotgun Willie – Willie Nelson

Slow Train Coming – Bob Dylan
Blood On The Tracks – Bob Dylan
Get Your Wings – Aerosmith (the good ‘smith)
Fly By Night – Rush
Sheer Heart Attack – Queen

Rust Never Sleeps – Neil Young
On The Beach – Neil Young

Little Bit O’Soul – The Music Explosion
When You’re Down and Out – Tommy Bradley – James Cole
Whole Lotta Shakin’ (Goin’ On) – Jerry Lee Lewis
Round and Round – Aerosmith (again, the good ‘smith) (Ratt)
Once In A While – (Too Many to List)
Day After Day – Badfinger, Pretenders (Many Others)

(The MICHIGAN verse!!!)
Raw Power – Iggy And The Stooges
Love It To Death–Alice Cooper(Alice Cooper Band:the real one!)
Kick Out The Jams – MC5
Tooth Fang & Claw – Ted Nugent’s Amboy Dukes
We’re An American Band - Grand Funk

You’re Gonna Get It – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Long After Dark – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart (the good Rod)
A Wizard, A True Star – Todd Rundgren

Round About Midnight – The Miles Davis Quintet
Miles In The Sky – Miles Davis
A Love Supreme – John Coltrane

Houses Of The Holy – Led Zeppelin
Tommy – The Who
Twist and Shout – Isley Brothers, Beatles
Let It Be – Beatles
Let It Bleed – Rolling Stones
Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! – Rolling Stones

Here’s one I loved but had to leave out:

Ridin’ The Storm Out, Women and Children First
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees, it’s kinda like goin’ to church!

(REO Speedwagon, Van Halen, Blue Öyster Cult)


Soul Fly
Garrick Rawlings ©2001

Desolation Boulevard, Live At Budokan
Eat A Peach, Brothers And Sisters, Duane and Berry are gone

King Of California, Road To Bayamon
I cant’ wait to take a ride on that ol Young Brigham

I’m Up On The Lowdown, I love Sun Sessions
There’s Shotgun Willie, with a sawed-off Remington

There’s A Slow Train Coming, and Blood On The Tracks
Get Your Wings, Fly By Night, Sheer Heart Attack

Rust Never Sleeps, out On The Beach
Why don’t these old records sound right on CD?

A Little Bit O’Soul, when you’re down and out
Whole Lotta Shakin’, Round And Round
Once in a while it makes me cry
Day After Day it helps me fly

Raw Power, Love It To Death, Kick Out The Jams
Tooth, Fang & Claw, We’re An American Band

You’re Gonna Get It, Long After Dark
Every Picture Tells A Story, A Wizard, A True Star

Round About Midnight, Miles In The Sky
Reigns A Love Supreme you know you can’t deny

I don’t know much of what this world’s about
I’m standin’ in a mean ol flood, over there’s a ten-year drought

Houses Of The Holy, Tommy, Twist And Shout
Let It Be, Let It Bleed, Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!