1. Two

From the recording Million Miles

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Song for my brother…and a family.

GR - Vocal & Guitar


Garrick Rawlings ©2001

I was the first born son
Of a first born son
My room painted baby blue
In four years time, spring of ’69
Along came number two

Baseball we’d play
Out in those fields all day
Everything so green and bright
It was our little town, with kids all around
Suppertime’s at six tonight

Someday I’m gonna be like him
Someday he’s gonna call my name
I want to do what he does, I just want to feel the same
Oh aye oh aye oh
It ain’t easy comin’ through when you’re always number two*
It ain’t easy comin’ through when you’re always number two*

Well the folks split up
Mom had had enough
Dad he didn’t know what to say
You were stuck at home, you were so alone
And I just kept runnin’ away

Now I don’t know why
Little kid jealousy or spite
But I didn’t treat you very good
And it kills me to say, I sold you out that day
In front of the kids in the neighborhood

When I decided to go, you were too young to know
My joy in that old blue car
You were left behind, everybody so blind
And you tore that town apart, yeah you tore that town apart

It was sin after sin
You just couldn’t win
After a while, you didn’t even care
You spent time in jail, after I set sail
Like they say life just ain’t fair

In the wide open spaces
I’ve seen so many places
Today I really wish you were here
No sad refrains, but I’ll call out your name
Time to share a couple bottles of beer

It ain’t easy comin’ through, without you number two*

After so many years
Loneliness and tears
I was thinking how it was before
How long has it been, the four of us then
Hell it don’t seem real no more, no it don’t seem real no more

The thought came to me
We’re the legacy
How I miss blood on blood
Like sunny days and bad weather, old folks don’t last forever
We’re bound to learn how to love

Won’t be easy comin’ through, when it’s only me and you*