From the recording Garrick Rawlings

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GR - Lead Vocal, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars
Rick Shea - acoustic, high-strung & electric guitars, mandolin
Dave Hall - bass
Shawn Nourse - drums
Paul Marshall & Rick Shea - harmony vocals


I wrap myself in the blanket of your memory
I wear it around like a coat from the cold
I dream of happiness and all the stories
For a minute there, we were comin’ up so close, so close

The photographs do no justice to the memory
For I can’t feel your breath upon my lips
I wrap my mind oh so carefully
Around the taste of your sweet kiss

About a thousand times a day
I hear somebody say, I want to run away
I want to run away
To a better feelin’ day
Where everything’s OK
And you never went away
I can’t stay here today

Eyes on fire it was love at first sight
Waves crashed down the night we finally got it right
I still don’t know if was better to have known
Or to keep on wonderin’ what it must be like

Every day I find another stolen moment
Where I bask in the glow of what it was
I wrap myself in the magic of your beauty
And to know what it was to finally be in love, in love


Garrick Rawlings ©2018