From the recording Garrick Rawlings

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GR - LV, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars
Rick Shea - acoustic, electric & steel guitars
Dave Hall - bass
Shawn Nourse - drums
Jaimi Lyn Shuey - harmony vocals


When death came down on Austin
Nobody said a word
A fright came over Texas
Had the law lost it’s nerve?

Where was Nellie Johnson
Her brothers and her son?
She’d seen this before
Way back in ’51

Did she follow the lights of Marfa
Straight up into the sky
Or did she ride down to Terlingua
And cross the Rio Grande
Did she make the choice to run away
Or make her final stand
On the other side of the Rio Grande

A freight train is comin’
It’s blowin’ down the tracks
It’s headed for Las Cruces
And there ain’t no turnin’ back

Here comes Sheriff Walker
He ain’t nobody’s friend
Unless you pay protection
Or own half of the Big Bend

When money makes the truth a lie
It can break an honest man
When justice hits the dead of night
One does what they can


The old man named Rudolph
He owned everything around
There ain’t no way in hell
They’re gonna take his son down

Well she snuck up on ol Rudy
She put a bullet in his head
She said you dirty rotten louse
That one’s for my dad

Armed robbery ain’t murder
But Nellie knew the score
If she didn’t bust a move
She’d be buryin’ four more


Garrick Rawlings ©2018