1. Lost In Time

From the recording Garrick Rawlings

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GR - LV, 6 & 12 acoustic guitar
Rick Shea - acoustic guitar, mandolin
Dave Hall - bass
Shawn Nourse - drums
Amanda Shokrian - cello
Tori Ackerman - cello (coda)
Jaimi Lyn Shuey - harmony vocals


In a pawnshop outside of Montebello
I found an abandoned old cello
There’s no case and the old bow is busted
Only two strings they’re both well rusted

Took me back to a lovely spring day
Michigan, the month of May
She said “come back”, but I walked away
Ten years gone and I miss her today

One minute lost, lost in time
What did we lose, what did we find
The moment’s gone, in seconds flat
You can look, but you can’t go back
Feels like a crime, when you miss the sign
Lost in time, Lost in time

She played with a fine vibrato
Eyes of almond and avocado
Her long black hair it hung down low
She plucked notes, in perfect staccato

One day I’m gonna fix up this old thing
Finish the wood, replace those rusty strings
New horsehair on the bow
Why did I let her go?


On a lonely warm spring day
California, the month of May
I got down on my knees and I prayed
That someday I’d hear her play

This old abandoned cello
From a pawnshop outside of Montebello
There’s no case and the old bow is busted
Only two strings and they’re both well rusted


Garrick Rawlings ©2018