1. Eye Of A Thief

From the recording Garrick Rawlings

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GR - LV & acoustic guitar


There was a man in the mountains
Who bled out the Russians
We provided the weapons
Because we were friends then
Then he turned against us
He sent planes to kill us
Waging a war of deceit
Choosing allies
With the eye of a thief

We had a leader who said
He’s got god in his head
And our proud constitution
Is laying in ruins
All these insurgents
Are a minor disturbance
Never admit defeat
With a swagger and a smirk
And the eye of a thief

There’s a cardinal in the cathedral
Who preaches against evil
But the justice in his kingdom
Is relocate to freedom
The priests in his sacristy
Use children immaculately
New virgin flesh to feast
With the eye of a thief

The slick corporations
And lobby formations
Have hijacked our congress
Our freedom’s in regress
The phonies and cronies
They never leave
They take no punches they just bob and they weave
With the eye of a thief

We used to build everything
Soon we’ll make nothing
It’s the new sensation
To outsource the nation
Our representation’s
Transparent truth
Is they don’t serve me and they don’t serve you
Servin’ somebody
With the eye of a thief

Garrick Rawlings ©2018