1. Million Miles

From the recording Garrick Rawlings

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GR - LV, 6 & 12 string acoustic & all electric guitars, mandolin
Rick Shea - acoustic guitar
Dave Hall - bass
Shawn Nourse - drums
Jaimi Lyn Shuey - background vocals


Another day a year gone by
I’m not scared and I wonder why
I sit here alone night after night
I still think I’ll end up right

A million miles keeps us apart
A million miles and a thousand stars
A million miles keeps us apart

Do you keep the old folks close in kind?
Do you ever dream they can see through time?
Have you ever looked and tried to find
those things that are true inside your mind?

A million miles keeps us apart from a sweet little smile and a brand new start
Tired ‘a playin’ Mr. Lonesome, of bein’ third wheel;
these honky tonks and pool halls, they ain’t no great deal
I lost faith somewhere, I don’t know when; right now I just want it back again

Do you find it silly how so many hid
From the dreams they had when they were kids?
Do you find success in the almighty buck
or in a stud palomino and a pick up truck?

Do you ever look at your old friends and wonder where they all went?
Have you ever looked up into the sky and screamed out loud; “Please god why?”
C’mon baby let’s bust a move; tell me honey, do you still groove?

And a million miles keeps us apart
A million miles and a billion stars

Garrick Rawlings ©2018